New AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 Australian/New Zealand Quality Management Systems Standards Have Been Published

AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 Quality Management Systems standards have now been published (26 February 2016) and are a major revision to the previous edition issued in 2008. This revision introduces many new concepts, terminology and current thinking, drawing on the collective resources of many other Standards that have been developed over the past decade of quality [...]

Compliance Talk – July 2014

Can you believe that we are already halfway through the year? It was only yesterday that we welcomed the new year! July also represents the beginning of the new financial year in Australia and new financial goals and objectives for businesses everywhere. Unfortunately, one of the things that is often lost in the discussion about [...]

Making a Construction Site Safe


When working on a construction site, construction workers are surrounded by perils. Many lives were lost during the construction of some buildings in the past, since the standards for construction safety were not in place at the time. Nowadays, however, many accidents can be avoided if proper safety standards are applied. These safety standards can be found in many safety plans that are available for purchase, which cover every aspect of construction site safety and following these plans will ensure that the workers on a construction site will feel safe while working.

A Well-Managed Construction Site – Safety Comes First

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Managing a big project always has its ups and downs, and there are numerous stress-inducing, nerve-wrecking complications along the way. On a construction site you have many valuable assets, starting from building material and expensive machinery, all down to workers and their gear. One can only hope to be prepared to handle the many simultaneous operations being carried out on site in such a manner as to avoid wasting time and money. What you are really looking to avoid are injuries and casualties, which can be quite common.

Make Your Construction Site Injury Free

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There are many hidden dangers on each construction site, and quite frankly a whole bunch of very obvious ones that are just kind of ignored, that can cause a lot of problems not the least of which are injuries and lawsuits. Health and safety has become a big concern and in most parts of the world it is legally required to have certain protective and preventive measures in place on a construction site where power tools with rotating blades, trucks loaded with tons of material, scaffolds that go several stories up and cranes lifting and moving huge pieces of building material over people’s heads are just some of the things that can cause injury and property damage.