Would You Like To Have An Environmental Management Plan That's Guaranteed To Be Approved By Your Client OR Your Money Back?

Our Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is what you're looking for if:

You've won a contract but need to submit an EMP to start work, or
You are tendering for a work, but need to submit an EMP, or
You are a responsible Contractor and need to protect the environment because you are working on an environmentally sensitive area, or
You don't have time or knowledge to write an EMP from scratch

Our EMP can be downloaded, customised and submitted to your client in no more than 2 hours. And if your client doesn't approve it, you get a full refund right away, full stop.

Here's why contractors have a 100% success rate getting our EMP approved by their clients
Reason #1: Slick work by experienced engineers makes it easy for clients to approve the document

The EMP has been put together by experienced engineers who know exactly what fussy clients are looking for.

As a result, our document continually leaves clients impressed.


Because it's very simple to find all the elements they're looking for in an environmental management plan. And this leaves them with no choice but to give it a tick of approval

Reason #2: Highly simplified pre-written EMP makes adapting to a new project faster & easier than turning on the water tap

Isn't it just annoying when it takes just as much time to customise a document to a new project as it did the first time?

The good news is that it now takes as little as 2 hours... and this is without knowing a single thing about environmental management documentation.


Our team of expert engineers and lead auditors looked at what successful contractors were doing on the field, picked out their best practices, looked at what was required by Environmental legislation and Australian Standards AS/NZS 14001 and incorporated all of these into an EMP.

And as a result, our plan contains a simplified structure which makes it fast and easy to customise to any project.

In order to customise the document, all you need to do is insert all your business and project-related information and then review the document. You can then present it to your client.


It's important to note that it wasn't easy to incorporate those best practices we picked out into a single coherent document. But after much toil and effort, we did it and in hindsight, it was an absolute no brainer.

The one thing we've noticed that there is no other environmental management plan out there that carries the simplicity of our document and which team leaders and work supervisors love using.

Reason #3: We directly assist you until your document is approved by your client

The single most important thing that contractors want out of their document is that they want it to be approved by their client.

Otherwise, what's the point of putting together the document, right?

We directly assist all contractors who use our document to obtain approval from their client.

In most cases, the first submission is successful. In the off chance that it isn't, then we help you fine-tune your document for another submission.

And we keep doing this over and over until you get client approval.

This is why contractors using our document have a 100% success rate gaining approval.

"Easy To Customise... Outstanding Product"

"We found your EMP template to be an outstanding product that allowed to fully comply with our obligations. We'd always been compliant with AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 9001 but never with ISO 14001 and environmental matters. Your template helped us do this and easy to customise."


Tom Booth
Aviation Safety & Quality Officer
Heli Aust Pty Ltd

Presenting our simple pre-written environmental management plan that could change the way you manage the environment forever...

Our EMP successfully complies with the following:

  • Core requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14001 Australian Standard Environmental Management Systems
  • Federal & State's Environmental Legislation
  • Core requirements for environmental management as set out by Environmental Protection Authorities (EPA) and State Government Management Systems Guidelines 

The EMP is more than enough for managing Environment at project level; but may not be enough if your organisation requires accreditation or certification to Australian AS/NZS ISO 14001 standards.

If you require accreditation or certification we recommend our Environmental Management System, click here for more details.

Here what some contractors have said about it...

"We thought it would be take long... impressive product!"

"We thought it would take longer, but we were very impressed with the product we purchased. Now, we're down to the minor details. We could not have done it without you Ensafe. Thanks!"


Greg Sweetman
Gold Coast Barges, Queensland

"Perfect fit for our business"

In our business like ours, everything has to be a perfect fit. That's what's great about the Ensafe products as we've been able to easily customise them to fit our business model without any of the normal hassles. It was as seamless as all our other business parts.


Jose Orlando
Solution4U Pty Ltd

But that's not all! Here's what you'll also get by investing in our environmental plan today...

FREE BONUS #1 - Review of your completed EMP

This means that we'll personally review your EMP before you present it to your client. Getting approval from your client is practically guaranteed after this.

Normally valued at $360

FREE BONUS #2 - Updates of your EMP for 2 YEARS

This means that, if in the next 2 years, there is a change to environmental legislation, regulations and standards that requires us to update our EMP, then we will send you a copy straight to your inbox FREE of charge.

This ensures that your EMP will be compliant and up to date for the next 2 years!

Normally valued at $597

That's $957 worth of FREE bonuses right there! Not a bad deal, right?

Ok, this looks like a good deal, but how much is it going to cost?

There was a time back in our consulting days, where we would charge contractors thousands just to create an environmental management plans for them.

These days we are no longer consultants so there's no way we can charge the same amount. However, we also don't want to price our service cheaply and attract contractors who don't appreciate the need for environmental compliance documentation.

As a result, we're making the EMP (as well as $957 worth of free bonuses) available for a very low price of

$397 + GST

It is important to note that you will be getting greater value than what consultants provide for the thousands of dollars they charge.

However, we also know that we should be charging more and we can assure you that the price will go up in the future. So for the time being, this is the current price and it won't get any lower.

And now for the best part...

We are confident that our EMP will get your client's approval that we'd like to make the following personal guarantee to you...


We personally guarantee that, if you tailor the EMP document exactly as we outline in the step by step instructions, it WILL get your client's approval.

If, after getting assistance from us, your client still does not approve your EMP, let us know and we will issue you an immediate, no questions asked refund right on the spot.

So how do I access your EMP package?

If you:

  • DON'T want to miss out on your next contract because you don't have a suitable EMP (many contracts have been lost because of this and not the price), or
  • DON'T want to delay the commencement of your project because your EMP is not suitable, or
  • DON'T want to miss out on prequalification as a panel contractor from your client because you don't have a compliant EMP

...simply click on the "Order Now" button below.

You can use a Paypal account of credit card to pay for the package, after which will you receive everything via email right away.

And don't forget...

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can get a FREE review of your EMP (valued at $360) by one of our experienced auditors before you submit it to your client. This offer is available for a strictly limited time only – act now or you might miss out later.

Click the “Order Now” button to take up this offer.

What do you get with your EMP
  • Fully editable, pre-written Environmental Management Plan (EMP):
    • 33+ pages
    • 9 Forms
    • Environmental protection measures guidelines
    • Step by Step Instructions for quick customisation
  • FREE Updates of Your EMP for 2 YEARS (valued at $597) if legislation, standards or best practices change
  • FREE 24/7 Customer Support Via Phone & Email To Help You Get Client Approval
  • FREE review of Your Completed EMP Before Submission to Your Client (valued at $360)

$397 + GST

Client Approval GUARANTEED OR Your Money Back

Meet some of our recent customers. They come from all types of construction businesses and trades:
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If you don't have time or don't feel comfortable using your computer, we can customise the plan for you, click here to find out how.
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