Complete Pre-written Management Plan
For DA Approval From Councils

Quick To Customise To Your Business, Ready To Print And Implement

This Management Plan has been specifically designed to help organisations successfully address the conditions of Development Approval (DA) applications that builders and developers need to present before starting works in order to obtain Construction Certificate approval.

This document is required by local Councils across Australia to outline all excavation, demolition and building works that will be taking place within their municipal borders. The Management Plan allows builders to plan their work so that the impact of construction activities is minimised on pedestrian walkways, nearby residents, surrounding streets and natural bushlands and vegetation.

Furthermore, it includes all Features & Benefits provided with all Ensafe products.

Please note that the Management Plan For DA Approval does NOT comply with the 2011 Federal WHS Act and regulations. Please refer to the WHS Management Plan to comply with this.

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Peace of Mind For
DA Approval

Written by professional engineers with vast experience in getting DA approvals for construction projects, the Management Plan ensures that you have everything you need to satisfy your local Council or municipality.

No More Time Wasted

No need to spend precious time writing something from scratch just to get DA Approval. Our Management Plan allows you to create what you need in a fraction of the time.

No More Consultants

No need to get expensive consultants to write the Management Plan to satisfy Council requirements.

Get what you need right now without spending a fortune.

What You Get

Management Plan For DA Approval

25+ pages
3 Forms (Toolbox Meetings, Communications Register & Waste Register)

3 Step Process

Step 1


Download the Management Plan For DA Approval securely from our server

Step 2


Customise the Management Plan For DA Approval to your project immediately using step

Step 3


Print the Management Plan For DA Approval and have it on site ready for inspection

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