How Would You Like To Have An OHS Management System Guaranteed To Get Approved By Your Client OR Your Money Back?

Our OHS Management System (OHSMS) will help you and your business in ANY of the following situations:

You've been asked to provide an OHS system for a tender or prequalification as a Panel Contractor
You've won a contract but need to submit an OHS system to start work
You're a Principal Contractor and need to provide an OHS system as required by WHS legislation
You wish to obtain certification to AS/NZS 4801 standards or accreditation to the Office of Federal Safety Commissioner
You don't have time or knowledge to put one together from scratch

Our OHSMS can be downloaded, customised and submitted to your client in no more than 2 hours. And if your client doesn't approve it, you get a full refund - it's that simple.

Here's why 100% of contractors have gained client approval using our OHS system
Reason #1: Our OHS system was created by experienced engineers who know exactly what clients are looking for

Spending years in the trenches and dealing with fussy Auditors has allowed our engineers to know what clients are looking for when reviewing OHS systems.

As a result, they've been able to put together a OHS management system document that leaves clients with no choice but to approve it.


Because it's extremely simple to review.

By being able to easily find all the components they're looking for in an OHS system, they literally have no choice but to approve it.

Don't believe us? See what Ian has to say...

"Successfully passed audits on two sites!"

"Good news Martin! We've been using your product on various sites as part of the BER Schools Program and recently we successfully passed the audit on two of those sites. It's certainly a great alternative to just adopting the OHS system that the Principal Contractor uses.

Your document is not just simple and easy to edit but it allows a small firm like ours to meet our WHS requirements without any WHS staff."


Ian Clyde
Trevor Prendergast TP & PJ Prendergast

Reason #2: Extremely simple 2-part structure makes adapting the system to a new project quicker & easier than turning on the ignition of your car

Ever wanted to create an OHSMS for a new project only to find that it was hard work and time consuming like the first time?

The good news is that it can now take no more than 2 hours... EVEN IF you've absolutely no idea about OHS documentation.

How is this even possible?!

Well, the solution was embarrassingly simple.

Our team of expert engineers divided the doc into 2 parts.

In Part 1, you insert all the information related to your business as well as elements of the plan that do not change for each project.

In Part 2, you insert all the specific information related to your project

Part 1
Part 2

This 2-part structure means that to customise the OHSMS to any new project, all you have to do is modify Part 2. This alone significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to prepare your new OHSMS for your new project. And by law, the OHSMS must be specific to each individual project.

We admit that it took a lot of thinking and planning to seamlessly divide it up into 2 parts. But now that it's done, it's incredibly simple and a no brainer, right?

The bottom line is that there is literally nobody out there in the marketplace that has created a OHSMS with this structure.

Reason #3: We help you fine-tune your system until you get client approval

Getting your client's approval may not be achieved with your first submission.

However, with some modifications to your system, you can get it approved.

We provide 24/7 hands-on support via phone and email to help you fine-tune your OHS management system if your first submission isn't successful.

We continue helping you until you do get your client's approval no matter how long it takes.

This is why 100% of contractors gain client approval with our OHS system.

"Perfect fit for our business"

"In our business like ours, everything has to be a perfect fit. That's what's great about the Ensafe products as we've been able to easily customise them to fit our business model without any of the normal hassles. It was as seamless as all our other business parts."


Jose Orlando
Solution4U Pty Ltd

Introducing our simple pre-written OHS management system that makes managing OHS in your business easier than ever before...

Our OHSMS successfully complies with the following:

  • Model Work Health & Safety (WHS) 2011 Act & Regulations
  • Victorian & Western Australian OHS Act & Regulations
  • Core requirements of AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety Management System standards
  • All relevant WHS/OHS requirements as set out by State Government guidelines

The document can also be used for:

  • Obtaining certification to AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety management systems standards
  • Obtaining accreditation to the Federal Safety Commissioner's Accreditation Scheme
  • Obtaining pre-qualification to State Government agencies such as the Department of Commerce, Vic Roads, Roads & Maritime Services of NSW and others

"Updating our docs is now so easy"

"When the time came to update our documentation, we thought we had to start from the very beginning. When we saw your templates online, we bought them thinking they might be helpful. They ended up being more than just helpful because they have made updating our company documentation even easier."


Joe Khoury
Vega Group Pty Ltd

Here are some bonuses to make this your most worthwhile investment in OHS

FREE BONUS #1 - Review of your completed OHSMS

This means that we'll personally review your OHSMS before you present it to your client. Getting approval from your client is practically guaranteed after this.

Normally valued at $500

FREE BONUS #2 - 12 Months Access To Contractor Buddy

Includes the following:

  • Unlimited free updates of the OHSMS (and any other Ensafe document)
  • Access to expert advice for implementation of management systems
  • Access to exclusive library of other documentation such as Guidelines, Samples, Emergency Response Procedures, Safety Alerts, Pre-Written Safe Work Method Statements etc.
  • Access to a consultant at a discounted price for tender submissions, certification/accreditation submissions, document customisation & subcontractor's management systems assessments.
Normally valued at $497

That's $1,000 worth of FREE bonuses! Great deal, right?

Okay, sounds like a good deal... but how much does it cost?

Back in the day as consultants, we used to charge contractors thousands of dollars to create their OHS management systems.

Whilst we don't want to charge that much ever again, at the same time we don't want to attract people who don't appreciate the importance and quality of documentation required for successful compliance.

As a result, we're making the OHSMS (as well as $1,730 worth of free bonuses) available for a low price of just

$797 + GST

It's important to note that you'll be getting more value than what you would normally get from consultants that charge thousands of dollars (we used to charge $5,000 as consultants back in the day).

That said, we know that we should be charging more for what we offer (and this is what clients have told us). So we will be raising the price in the future, but for the time being this is the current price... and we can guarantee that it won't be getting any lower.

One last thing...

We are absolutely convinced that our OHSMS will be approved by your client that we want to take all the risk away from you with our personal guarantee...


We personally guarantee that, if you customise the OHSMS document exactly as we indicate in the step by step instructions, it WILL get approved by your client.

If, after getting assistance from us, your client still does not approve your OHSMS, let us know and we will give your money back - no questions asked!

So how do I get my hands on your OHS system?

Simply click on the "Order Now" button below if you:

  • DON'T want the start of your project to be held up because you don't have an OHSMS in place, or
  • DON'T want to miss out on your next contract because you don't have a proper OHSMS in place (winning contracts is not just about the price), or
  • DON'T want to face prosecution because a worker got injured on your worksite which didn't have a compliant OHS system in place

You can pay with either a credit card or Paypal account and you will receive the whole package via email right after payment has been received.

Don't forget...

For a strictly limited time only, we are also offering a FREE review of your OHS Management System (valued at $500) by one of our lead auditors before you submit it to your client. This offer is available for a limited time only - act now to avoid disappointment.

Click "Order Now" to take up this offer.

What do you get with your OHSMS

$797 + GST

  • Fully editable, pre-written OHS Management System (OHSMS):
    • Part 1 - OHSMS Manual (36+ pages)
    • Part 2 - Project OHS Management Plan (34+ pages)
    • 40 Forms + 21 Procedures + SWMS & Risk Assessment guidelines & samples
    • Step by Step Instructions For Quick Customisation
  • 12 Month FREE access To Contractor Buddy (valued at $497).Member benefits include:
    • Unlimited free updates of the OHSMS (and any other document purchased from Ensafe)
    • Access to exclusive growing library of valuable information such as Toolbox talks topics, training material, Guidelines, Emergency Response Procedures, Safety Alerts, Pre-Written Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and more.
    • Access to a consultant at a discounted price for tender submissions, certification/accreditation submissions, document customisation & subcontractor’s management systems assessments
    • Access to expert advice in the area of implementation of management systems in the field
      Read More About Contractor Buddy
  • FREE review of Your Completed OHSMS Before Submission to Your Client (valued at $500)
  • FREE 24/7 Customer Support Via Phone & Email To Help You Get Client Approval
  • Client Approval Guaranteed Or Your Money Back
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