Free Access To More Than 50 Safe Work Method Statements (swms)

A Safe Work Method Statement is required for all High-Risk construction tasks before work commences.

Ensafe Group provides a number of free pre-written Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for a range of work activities. See full list below.

You can either download these as MS Word documents OR create, manage and export them as PDFs online.

Download as MS Word Docs

Pre-written SWMS as MS Word docs are provided as a free bonus when you purchase the following products:

WHS Management Plan (WHSMP)
Project Management Plan (PMP)
OHS Management System (OHSMS)
Integrated Management System (IMS)
Bundle Pack

Create/Manage/Export Online

Pre-written SWMS are available on a public cloud through our web-based portal Compliance Lion.

All you need to do is add your business and project details to the SWMS and that's it. These can then be exported as PDFs and integrated into the WHS/OHS management plans and systems that can be purchased on this site.

If a pre-written SWMS isn't available for your activity, then you can easily create one from scratch with the user-friendly interface.

It's free to start creating SWMS online and exporting them to your computer now.


Here is a list of pre-written SWMS that we currently have available as either MS Word docs OR on the public cloud:

Star pickets; placing and/or removing
Concrete barriers; placing and/or removing
Clearing and grubbing works area
Concrete works: general
Concrete works; demolition and removal
Sediment control; installing temporary erosion and sediment control fences
Water cart operations
Site compound and amenities; establishing
Hiab truck crane Operations
Drainage lines, installation
Stormwater drainage structures; installation and/or construction
Kerb and gutter; construction
Fencing; installation
Light tower; towing and operation
Litter pick up; from road reserve & medians
Mowing and slashing; on road reserve and medians
Landscaping and irrigation system construction
Fuel cart; refuelling plant and equipment
Demolition works-indoors
Excavation works
High pressure washing
Graffiti and poster removal
Painting works; general
Fork lift operations
Lead paint removal
Tree lopping
Oxi cutting and welding
Arc welding (electrical)
Gyprok Plasterboard installation
Bricklaying works; general
Carports & awnings installation
Balustrades & louvers installation
Hand rails and stair rails installation
Electrical installations; construction of new residential premises
Roof tops, installing antennas, surveillance cameras and other devices
Traffic control, setting-up
Concrete slab repairs
Jackhammer, safe use
Working at heights
Elevated working platforms (EWP) working from
Surveying works
Use of angle grinder
Steel fixing
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