Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

This is by far the most frequently asked question.

Our management plans and systems have been specifically created for the construction industry i.e. building works and civil works.

It is also easily adaptable to any work or services you are going to provide to a construction site as well as any maintenance or service work to buildings, road works, residential and commercial premises.

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If you're still unsure if this is for you, give a call on 1300 729 881 and one of our experts will be able to determine if our documents can assist you.

I am a sole trader business that normally works as Subcontractor but occasionally I am the Principal Contractor. Which WHS/OHS document is the right one for me?

In your case, the WHS Management Plan for Principal Contractors is the most appropriate document. This document can be used by both Subcontractors and Principal Contractors.

Are products purchased sent via mail? What's the estimated time of delivery?

All products purchased are immediately downloadable. After completing payment (with a Paypal account or credit card), you'll receive an email with instructions to download your purchase right away. Nothing is sent via physical mail.

Do you have WHS management plans specific to each State & Territory in Australia?

There are minimal differences in legislation and regulations between states and territories. As a result, we've created products that are applicable in all parts of Australia. The introduction of the new Federal WHS Act & regulations in 2011 supports this.

Can you help me get pre-qualified and/or certified to Australian ISO standards?

We don't provide pre-qualification or certification services ourselves, however, we can give you names of some qualified providers that can provide those services. Please give us a call on 1300 729 881 to discuss.

I have been requested a site safety plan, do you provide this?

Yes we do. A site safety plan is also known as WHS Management Plan and this is the name that has been used by the latest WHS Act 2011 (which most states and territories have now adopted).

Are Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) included with the WHS Management Plan package?

We provide 5 pre-written SWMS for free with all our safety documentation. Some of them may be applicable to your business and others may not.

We also provide guidelines and template to create your own SWMS with all our safety documentation. You can use that to draft your own SWMS.

Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 729 881 and we may have other pre-written SWMS available in our library.

We are an Engineering Company and we have to be on our clients' construction sites from time to time and undertake some work. Our client has requested that we provide a WHS management plan. Which of your documents is most suitable for this purpose?

Our WHS Management Plan For Subbies is the most appropriate document as your client subcontracts you.

I need to prequalify to State government agency and I have been requested to submit Quality, OHS and Environmental Management systems compliant to Australian standards, which of your documents do I need?

For the purpose of prequalification, our Integrated Management System (IMS) will allow you to be compliant to all relevant Australian quality, OHS & environmental standards.

Alternatively you can opt for individual management systems, however, we recommend the IMS simply because it is much easier to manage ONE document as opposed to three separate documents.

I've been asked to provide a WHS management plan but my business is NOT involved in construction or civil works. Can you help me?

We may still be able to help you. Please call us on 1300 729 881 and one of our experts can determine if we can assist you.

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